Please note that this website may not represent the current set of Administrative Orders and Local Rules for the circuit.   For the current list of Orders and Rules, please contact the Court Administrator’s Office, Tavares, Florida at 352-253-1601.

Local Rules
Circuit-wide Administrative Orders
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What is an Administrative Order?

Administrative Orders are directives that are necessary to properly administer the court’s affairs but are not inconsistent with the Florida Constitution, the Florida Rules of Court, or with administrative orders entered by the Supreme Court of Florida.

What is a local rule?

A local rule is a rule of practice or procedure for circuit or county application only that, because of local conditions, supplies an omission in or facilitates application of a rule of statewide application and does not conflict therewith.

Local rules also include rules of practice or procedure that are required by the Florida Statutes, Florida Rules of County, or an opinion of the Supreme Court of Florida to be enacted through a local rule.

Who approves Administrative Orders?

Administrative Orders may be signed and entered by the administrative judge of the county or the chief judge of the circuit.

Who approves local rules?

Local rules are approved by the Supreme Court of Florida.   A Local Rules Advisory Committee assists the Supreme Court in reviewing proposed local rules.

How do I view Administrative Orders and local rules online?

Current Administrative Orders are accessible on the circuit website under the Court Administration area or by clicking on the Administrative Orders link at the top of any page on the site.   Orders are grouped by their jurisdiction: circuit-wide and individual counties.   Local rules can be found on the Local Rules page.

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