Lake County Administrative Orders


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L2017-5 Administrative Order Appointing the Honorable Brian Welke as a Member of the 2017 Canvassing Board
L2017-01 In Re: Case Assignment of Any Case Wherein Certain Attorneys and Their Law Firms are a Named Party or Attorney of Record
L2016-55 Amended Administrative Order Implementing Veterans’ Treatment Court Division In Lake County, Vacating Administrative Order L-2016-15
L2016-52 Administrative Oder Rescinding and Vacating Designated Administrative Orders
L2016-39 AO Establishing Motion Practice Procedures for the backlog foreclosure program
L2016-34-A Amended Order of Circuit Court Assignments for 2017
L2016-33 AO Order of County Court Assignments for 2017
L2016-32 AO Regarding Juror Utilization for 2017 in the Circuit and County Courts of Lake County
L2015-56 AO Appointing Members of the Lake County Professionalism Panel and Rescinding Administrative Orders L-2013-48 and L-2015-01
L2015-38 Order of County Court Assignments for 2016
L2015-37 Order of Circuit Court Assignments for 2016
L2015-32 In Re: Case Assignment of Any Case Wherein The Law Firm of Robyn Hudson, P.A. is Named Party or Attorney of Record
L2015-18 AO Establishing Procedures for Electronic Search and Arrest Warrants in Lake County
L2015-15 AO Unified Family Court
L2013-52 AO Regarding Writs of Bodily Attachment, 48-Hour Hearings
L2013-34-A Amended AO Regarding Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Order Rescinding AO L2010-09-B
L2011-24 AO Establishing a Forensic Community Services Team (FCST)
L2005-08 AO Vacating Section I-A of AO L97-53 RE: Public Access and the Introduction of Weapons into the Lake County Judicial Center
L2004-46 AO Regarding Assignments and Duties of General Magistrate for Dependency Matters
L2003-22 AO Creating Lake County Felony Pre-Trial Release Substance Abuse Program
L2002-08 AO RE: Payment of Fines, Costs, and Fees in Coins
L2002-01 AO Regarding Model Family Law Court
L2000-31 AO Establishing Family Law Self-Help Program
L2000-12-A AO requiring mandatory education for parents of minor children in a dissolution or paternity action
L1997-53 Fourth Amended Administrative Order Regarding Building Security at Lake County Judicial Center (also see L2005-8)
L1996-39 AO Regarding Costs in Traffic Cases
L1996-19 AO Re: Notice of Guardianship Proceedings
L1995-38 AO Re: Immediate Release of Acquitted Criminal Defendants
L1990-13 Order Pertaining to Directives Issued by the Court to the Office of Sheriff of Lake County