Marion County Administrative Orders

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M2016-56 Revised Order to Establish Marion County Court Assignments for 2017
M2016-53 Administrative Order Rescinding and Vacating Designated Administrative Orders
M2016-46 Marion County Administrative Order Regarding Redirection of Child Support Orders
M2016-42 AO Regarding Juror Utilization in the Circuit and County Courts of Marion County for 2017
M2016-41-A Amended Marion County Circuit Judges Judicial Assignments for the Year 2017
M2016-40-A 1st Amendment to Order to Establish Marion County Court Assignments for 2017
M2016-01 In Re: Case Assignment of Any Case Wherein Attorney Mary Catherine Landt, Esquire is a Named Party or Attorney of Record
M2015-57-A Amended AO Appointing Members of the Marion County Professionalism Panel
M2015-53 AO Establishing Procedures for Electronic Search and Arrest Warrants in Marion County
M2015-16 AO Amending and Superseding AO M2007-05 and Expanding Unified Family Court Principles in Marion County Family Division Cases
M2015-11 AO Establishing Electronic Monitoring of Certain Defendants as a Condition of Pre-Trial Release in Domestic Violence Matters
M2014-65 AO Establishing Fee Structure for Misdemeanor Drug Court Program
M2014-64 AO Establishing A Misdemeanor Drug Court Program for Marion County
M2014-58 RE: Case Assignment of any Case Wherein the Law Firm of Bond, Arnett, Phelan, Smith, & Craggs, P.A. is a Named Party or Attorney of Record
M2014-19 AO Establishing Family Law Judicial Assignment ‘Transition Plan’
M2014-2 AO Establishing the Marion County Truancy Court Program in Marion County and Order Rescinding M2002-12
M2013-33 AO Requiring Both Parties Seeking Civil Indigent Status to File Applications for Determination With All Joint Petitions
M2013-13-A AO Re: Case Assignment of an Case Wherein Attorney Frederick E. Landt, III or the Law Firm of Landt, Wiechens, Lapeer and Ayres is a Named Party or Attorney of Record
M2013-07 AO Appointment of Administrative Judge of the County Courts in Marion County
M2012-37 AO RE: Marion County Circuit Judges Judicial Assignments for the Year 2013
M2012-34 AO Establishing the Felony Post-Plea Treatment-Based Drug Court Program in Marion County
M2012-20 AO Appointing Judge to Preside Over Veterans’ Treatment Court Division in Marion County
M2012-19 AO Implementing Veterans’ Treatment Court Division in Marion County
M2010-23-B Third Revised AO Re: Standing Domestic Relations Court Order
M2010-16 AO Requiring the Filing of Certificates of Live Birth in Family Law Cases
M2010-14-B Second Amended AO Establishing the Felony Post-Adjudicatory Drug Court Expansion Program in Marion County
M2010-08-A Second Amended AO RE: Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; Order Rescinding AO M98-18-A
M2010-03 AO Excusing Appearance of Parties and Hearings in Certain Family Cases Settled by Mediated Agreement
M2009-27 AO Creating the Marion County Teen Court Program in Marion County and Rescinding AO M2002-32
M2009-26-A Amended AO Creating the Marion County Juvenile Drug Court Program in Marion County
M2009-06 AO Creating the Marion County Mental Health Court and Rescinding Administrative Order M2002-20
M2008-07 AO Regarding Establishment of Child Support Orders in Dependency Actions
M2006-41 AO Pertaining to Costs of Supervision in Marion County
M2006-05 AO Regarding Mandatory Procedure on Filing Annual Accountings on a Fiscal-Year Basis in Guardianship Cases in Marion County
M2004-09 AO Regarding Status of Marion County Circuit Court Criminal Cases
M2002-29 AO Creating Dependency Drug Court
M2002-22 AO Permitting the Release of Florida Crime Information Center Records to the Salvation Army Probation Office
M2000-24 AO creating DUI court
M2000-15 AO Establishing Procedure for Filing Petitions Requesting an Injunction for Protection
M2000-01-A1 Amended AO RE: Security of Marion County Judicial Center and Clerk\’s Office Bldg.
M1999-16 AO establishing case management procedures when both parties appear pro se
M1999-09 AO excusing appearance of parties and hearing in family law cases settled by written agreement
M1999-05 AO RE: dismissal of infraction violations of unknowingly driving while license suspended, revoked, or canceled
M1999-04 AO establishing family law self-help program
M1999-03A Amended AO Requiring Mandatory Education for Divorcing and Separating Parents & Their Children
M1998-34 AO RE: cost of supervision on concurrent sentences in felony and misdemeanor cases
M1998-30 AO RE: Certified Batterers Intervention
M1998-04 In Re: Dismissal of Charge for First Violation of Bicycle Helmet Law
M1997-12 Establishment of Family Law Division Mediation Program in and for the Fifth Judicial Circuit of Florida
M1997-06 In Re: Extension of Time to Pay Fines on Non-Criminal Infractions
M1995-46 In Re: Prisoner Release Procedures
M1993-07 In Re: Sheriff of Marion County