Marion County Administrative Orders


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M2014-40 Amendments to Order of Marion County Court Assignments
M2014-37 Order of Marion County Court Assignments
M2014-21 AO Rescinding and Vacating Designated Administrative Orders
M2014-19 AO Establishing Family Law Judicial Assignment ‘Transition Plan’
M2014-5-A Amended AO Appointing the Honorable Jim McCune as an Alternate Member of the 2014 Canvassing Board and the Honorable Sarah Ritterhoff Williams as an Alternate Member of the 2014 Canvassing Board
M2014-2 AO Establishing the Marion County Truancy Court Program in Marion County and Order Rescinding M2002-12
M2013-63 AO Regarding Juror Utilization in the Circuit and County Courts of Marion County for 2014
M2013-49 AO Appointing Members of the Marion County Professionalism Panel
M2013-38-A Amended Marion County Circuit Judges Judicial Assignments For The Year 2014
M2013-33 AO Requiring Both Parties Seeking Civil Indigent Status to File Applications for Determination With All Joint Petitions
M2013-13-A AO Re: Case Assignment of an Case Wherein Attorney Frederick E. Landt, III or the Law Firm of Landt, Wiechens, Lapeer and Ayres is a Named Party or Attorney of Record
M2013-07 AO Appointment of Administrative Judge of the County Courts in Marion County
M2012-37 AO RE: Marion County Circuit Judges Judicial Assignments for the Year 2013
M2012-34 AO Establishing the Felony Post-Plea Treatment-Based Drug Court Program in Marion County
M2012-20 AO Appointing Judge to Preside Over Veterans’ Treatment Court Division in Marion County
M2012-19 AO Implementing Veterans’ Treatment Court Division in Marion County
M2010-23A Second Revised AO Re: Standing Domestic Relations Court Order
M2010-16 AO Requiring the Filing of Certificates of Live Birth in Family Law Cases
M2010-14-A Amended AO Establishing the Felony Post-Adjudicatory Drug Court Expansion Program in Marion County
M2010-08-A Second Amended AO RE: Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; Order Rescinding AO M98-18-A
M2010-03 AO Excusing Appearance of Parties and Hearings in Certain Family Cases Settled by Mediated Agreement
M2009-27 AO Creating the Marion County Teen Court Program in Marion County and Rescinding AO M2002-32
M2009-26 AO Creating the Marion County Juvenile Drug Court Program in Marion county and Rescinding AO M2002-32
M2009-06 AO Creating the Marion County Mental Health Court and Rescinding Administrative Order M2002-20
M2008-07 AO Regarding Establishment of Child Support Orders in Dependency Actions
M2007-05 Order Amending and Superseding AO M2002-04 and Order Establishing Procedures for the Marion County Family Division
M2006-41 AO Pertaining to Costs of Supervision in Marion County
M2006-05 AO Regarding Mandatory Procedure on Filing Annual Accountings on a Fiscal-Year Basis in Guardianship Cases in Marion County
M2004-09 AO Regarding Status of Marion County Circuit Court Criminal Cases
M2003-27-A Amended Case Assignment of any Action Wherein Munroe Regional Medical Center/Munroe Regional Healthcare System is a Named Party
M2002-29 AO Creating Dependency Drug Court
M2002-22 AO Permitting the Release of Florida Crime Information Center Records to the Salvation Army Probation Office
M2000-24 AO creating DUI court
M2000-15 AO Establishing Procedure for Filing Petitions Requesting an Injunction for Protection
M2000-01-A1 Amended AO RE: Security of Marion County Judicial Center and Clerk\’s Office Bldg.
M1999-16 AO establishing case management procedures when both parties appear pro se
M1999-09 AO excusing appearance of parties and hearing in family law cases settled by written agreement
M1999-05 AO RE: dismissal of infraction violations of unknowingly driving while license suspended, revoked, or canceled
M1999-04 AO establishing family law self-help program
M1999-03A Amended AO Requiring Mandatory Education for Divorcing and Separating Parents & Their Children
M1998-34 AO RE: cost of supervision on concurrent sentences in felony and misdemeanor cases
M1998-30 AO RE: certified batterers\’ intervention
M1998-04 In Re: Dismissal of Charge for First Violation of Bicycle Helmet Law
M1997-12 Establishment of Family Law Division Mediation Program in and for the Fifth Judicial Circuit of Florida
M1997-06 In Re: Extension of Time to Pay Fines on Non-Criminal Infractions
M1995-46 In Re: Prisoner Release Procedures
M1993-07 In Re: Sheriff of Marion County