Fifth Judicial Circuit

Volunteer and Student Internship/Externship Program


To enable volunteers and students to become actively involved in the judicial branch of Government,and to improve the skills and experience of volunteers and students within the Fifth Judicial Circuit community. All applicants should have an interest in understanding the workings of the court system.

The following Fifth Judicial Circuit offices and programs actively recruit internships, externships, and volunteers:

Court Counsel Office  Please select your county of preference: Marion, Lake, Citrus, Hernando, or Sumter.

Law Student Interns/Externs work closely with attorneys from Court Counsel’s office on a myriad of legal issues, including criminal post conviction motions, foreclosures, appeals, and lack of prosecution cases. Law Student Interns/Externs may not be assigned to specific case type division.

All internships, externships, and volunteer opportunities are not paid. If an approved internship is offered through a school, college or university, course credit may be granted upon prior approval from the circuit.


Office of the General Counsel Volunteer/Intern/Extern Program Requirements

Interested parties must submit a cover letter, resume , and writing sample. An approved back ground check and security clearance is required with the selection process. Law school intern and externs applicants are required to be currently enrolled in an accredited ABA law school.

If your participation in the program is for course credit, approval by your school, college, or university and the Fifth Judicial Circuit Court must be obtained before your internship begins.

If your participation in the program is not for course credit but for experience there is no deadline for applications.



The number of interns, externs, and volunteers accepted each semester depends on the needs of the circuit at the time. Interested students and volunteers are required to submit a complete application packet prior to the deadline. Please note that application packet received after the set deadline will not be considered. Application packets are reviewed upon receipt. The earlier an applicant submits an application packet; there remains greater possibility of acceptance within the program provided the applicant meets the established criteria. An interview will be required.



(Applications packet received after the set deadline will not be considered):

  • Fall Semester (September to December).   Deadline: August 15
  • Spring Semester (January to May): Deadline: December 15
  • Summer (June to August): Deadline: May 15
  • If your participation in the program is not for course credit but for work experience there is no application dead line. These applications can be submitted and will be considered at any time.

In order to be considered to volunteer or an internship, an externship, all applicants must submit a complete application packet of the following information:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Writing Sample
  • Two Letters of Recommendation

Incomplete application packets will not be considered.

For further information please contact:

Robin Hamel, Human Resources Consultant
Lake County Judicial Center
550 West Main Street, 4th Floor
Tavares, Florida 32778


  • Official work schedule:  To be determined between you and your Supervising Attorney.
  • Please call your Supervising Attorney if you are unable to come in a day you are expected.
  • If sick, please stay home. Call supervisor or other designee.
  • Emergency Management: Refer to during events or call 352-401-8181 for court closure information.
  • Website: become familiar and refer others to it, as needed.
  • Become familiar with other court websites:, etc. For introduction to the State Court System please go to and complete the training on
  • Computer User Support: Please contact the local Court Administration User Support Analyst for assistance.
  • We work for 42 judges in five counties and provide support and assistance to all Court Administration staff. Generally, we are the law office.
  • Dress Guidelines: Always dress ready to enter courtroom/chambers. No dress down Fridays. Unless moving equipment or performing an activity like inventory, requiring crawling under/around furniture, casual clothes are not allowed. No jeans, shorts, capris, flip flops, midriff tops. There are approved polo shirts/dress shirts with the Fifth Circuit logo available for purchase. They are appropriate for wearing at conferences or meetings or on days while working on special projects as mentioned.
  • E mail etiquette: Every e mail is a public record that is subject to being provided to media or the public upon request. E mails sometimes get lost during transit. Please respond to the sender that you have received their message/will take some action, etc. so the sender knows their message has been received.
  • Ethics: We are subject to most of the same ethics as the judges. Treat everything at work as being confidential.
  • Media: You are never authorized to speak to the media. Please refer all media inquiries to your Supervising Attorney.
  • Other duties as assigned Included in all job descriptions. At any time duties can change.
  • Diversity Training will be circuit wide. No matter how we are different, we all need to work together and get along with each other.
  • We work as a big team throughout five counties. You can always call other Interns, your Supervising Attorney of the General Counsel, Grace Fagan, with any questions you may have. We are all happy to help.

Download the Application Form here.