Marion County Juvenile
Civil Citation Program

110 NW First Avenue
Ocala, FL 34475
Office: 352-401-6762
Fax: 352-401-6726
Room 1-1027

Contact person: Taylor Banks

Juvenile Civil Citation Brochure

Program Description
This Juvenile Civil Citation Program is an alternative to arrest for youth 13-17 years of age who commit certain first time misdemeanor offenses. Florida Statute 985.12 gives law enforcement the discretion to issue the youth a civil citation in lieu of arrest. Youth will be assessed for appropriate sanctions and services such as counseling, treatment, and other appropriate community resources. The Juvenile Civil Citation Program works with community partners and Teen Court in the effort to reduce juvenile crime and to provide services for at-risk youth. There is a $25 fee (due within 30 days of the orientation and assessment) to participate in the program.

All youth ages 13-17 that have committed certain first time misdemeanor offenses or have violated a county or municipal ordinance are eligible for the Civil Citation Program without being arrested. Law enforcement agencies have changed their procedures in order to refer eligible youth to this Juvenile Diversion Program where the youth can receive an assessment and applicable interventions. Youth must accept responsibility for the offense and agree to participate in the program.

Eligible Offenses commonly include:
Theft (value less than $300)
Criminal Mischief (Damage less than $1,000)
Simple Battery/Assault
Disorderly Conduct
Disruption of a School Function
City/County ordinances
Simple Possession of Alcohol
Simple Possession of Marijuana (less than 20 grams)

Referrals to program:
Law Enforcement, at their discretion may issue the Civil Citation and will send the citation paperwork to the attention of the Juvenile Civil Citation Staff Assistant II office. Guardian of the Juvenile must contact the Juvenile Civil Citation Teen Court office within five (5) calendar days of issuance.

Record Prevention:
When a youth enters the civil citation program, his/her information is entered into prevention records with the Department of Juvenile Justice as required by Florida statute. If the youth completes the program, the youth will not have an arrest record and the information will not be forwarded to the Clerk of the Court, Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement or the Office of the State Attorney.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Youth are held accountable for their actions and receive immediate intervention
  • Youth has no formal arrest record
  • Youth may receive an evidence based risk assessment and are sanctioned to targeted and appropriate interventions for change
  • Lower referrals to Juvenile Justice System for minor crimes
  • Allows youth to get the services outside of the formal criminal justice system
  • Often allows youth access to services that they ordinarily would not have received, or identified as needing, but for this program.

Failure to complete program:
If the youth fails to successfully complete the required sanctions of the Civil Citation Program or the youth is charged with another crime while in the program, his/her case will be referred to the originating Law Enforcement Agency for the possible initiate arrest procedures.

Role of Parent or Guardian:
Parental or guardian consent is required for a youth to enter the program. Once enrolled in the program, the parent or guardian is expected to support the youth’s participation and it is important to the overall success of the youth. The youth will be given a deadline date (90 days from the start of the program) for the completion of assigned sanctions.