Patricia V. Thomas

Administrative Judge

Judicial Assistant: Lisa Strickland
Office: 352-341-6701
Fax: 352-341-6796

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*NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC:* The Code of Judicial Conduct governing behavior by judges forbids the Judges of the Fifth Judicial Circuit to discuss pending cases with the public. Please do not call the Court expecting to speak with a Judge about any case. The Court is only allowed to consider arguments made in the courtroom and in documents properly filed by actual parties in the case as authorized by law and the Rules of Court. The Court cannot ethically read or consider any other opinions or arguments about the case. Communications that do not meet these legal requirements cannot be forwarded to the Judges.

Additional Information

To schedule an emergency hearing with Judge Thomas, or more than 45 minutes, please contact Judicial Assistant Lisa Strickland at (352) 341-6701.

To cancel a hearing, please contact Judicial Assistant Lisa Strickland at (352) 341-6701 if the computer does not allow you to cancel.

You will need the following information in order to schedule a hearing:

  • Case Number
  • Style of Case
  • Your Attorney’s Last Name, Opposing Counsel’s Last Name
  • Name of Motion
  • Date motion e-filed.  (A docket number is no longer necessary, as we have a new program).
  • Appearing in Person or Telephonically


Motion to Withdraw Hearings – Please make sure you send a copy of the Motion and Notice of Hearing to your client as well as opposing counsel.

Telephonic Hearings – Judge Thomas allows telephonic hearings for 30 minutes or less.  All parties must be conferenced together prior to calling in as we only have one line to transfer into the Judge.  You MUST make arrangements with the Judicial Assistant to appear telephonically.  (This can also be done when scheduling your hearing on line.)  A call in number will be provided once the hearing is scheduled.

Motion to Continue Trial – Please have all parties sign a consent form to continue trial, prior to the hearing.

Notice for Trial – When filing a Notice for trial, please include Jury or Non-Jury and the expected duration of the trial. Please be sure to send a courtesy copy to Judicial Assistant Lisa Strickland at lstrickland@circuit5.org. A Case Management Order will be issued.

Notice of Hearing – A courtesy copy of the Notice of Hearing is not necessary if your hearing was scheduled on-line.

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