Differentiated Active Civil Case Management System DACMS

The Florida Supreme Court Issued Administrative Order AOSC20-23 amendment 10 on March 9, 2021 requiring the Chief Judge to implement a differentiated active case management system (DACMS) for most civil cases. The most recent Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order regarding DACMS is AOSC21-17 amendment 2.

In compliance with the Supreme Court Order, Chief Judge Daniel B. Merritt, Jr. issued administrative order A-2021-13. This order creates a differentiated case management system DACMS for the Fifth Judicial Circuit. You can find the order and forms associated with the order by following the links on this page.

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Administrative Orders
  • Administrative Order Establishing and Implementing Differentiated Active Civil Case Management System (“DACMS”): A-2021-13
  • Administrative Order Ending Civil Backlog Program: A-2022-62