Marion County Family Court Case Management Office provides assistance to self-represented litigants with general and procedural information on initial filing of domestic relations matters.

The Self-Help Case Management office will personally review papers to insure all the appropriate forms are filed to move the case toward final disposition. Click here for available telephonic appointment times.

(Please note: The personnel in the Self-Help Office provide procedural information only and do not act as your lawyer and cannot provide legal advice to you.)

Family Court

Forms & Documents

Administrative Orders
If you are filing any type of family law case, except dissolution of marriage, please click here:
Administrative Order Requiring the Filing of Certificates of Live Birth in Family Law Cases

Family Court packets, forms and checklists may be obtained from the Marion County Clerk of Court’s website below:

To download Family Law Forms which may be used in all counties go to:

Standing Orders


Checklists for Required Items for Petitions

Law Library

The Marion County Law Library maintains in its collection both State and Federal statutes, local ordinances, administrative regulations and case law. The Law Library has a subscription to Westlaw, which includes all State and Federal primary law, including citation checking with Key Cite.

Many self-help materials are contained in the library for prose litigants who represent themselves relating to Family Law, Landlord Tenant, Small Claims, Probate and Guardianship. Many of these have forms that can be copied and formatted to your case.


  • Photo copies are available for $.15 per page.
  • We have forms available for purchase, as well as stamps and envelopes. For a list and prices, please contact the Librarians.
  • Our Conference Room is available for Attorneys only. Some fees do apply.
  • Public computers are available with access to sites relating to legal services only. Also available, a word processing program for creating documents. (fee for printing)
  • The Marion County Law Library provides free access to legal resources. The library serves everyone including Judges, Attorneys and the Community. The Marion County Law Library is committed to providing legal resources and professional staff services to all citizens.
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