Court Community Outreach's Court Education Program

The goal of the Fifth Judicial Circuit’s Court Educational Program is to provide general civic education for students and teachers about the third branch of government, the judicial branch. The primary focus will be the local jurisdiction level of the trial courts (circuit and county court). Presentations are tailored to fit the needs of Elementary School students, Middle School students, High School students, College students, and Teachers.

Five Court Education Series Programs Are Offered: Just Justice, Take Five, Court History, & Court Accessing Justice with Court Interpreting

1)    Just Justice: An overview of the Florida Court System that has students participate in and experience a mock trial to demonstrate Florida’s third branch of government in action.

2)    Take Five: An overview of the Florida Court System with a local Judge who will discuss and examine the local court system with students.

3)    Court History: Senior Judge Hale Stancil provides an overview of the Florida Court System that recognizes and identifies key historical Florida Court events and local Fifth Judicial Circuit Court History.

4)    Accessing Justice with Court Interpreting an overview of the Court System and introduction to Court Interpreting.  This lesson reviews and highlights the Court Interpreting Profession and services, the Court Interpreting Code of Conduct and how to become a certified Court Interpreter in Florida.

5)    Circuit Civics: Using the curriculum from icivics, a website created by former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Conner, provide an overview education on the forms of governments and the Court System. This program is for 5th to 12th grade students.

Justice Teaching Institute

The Justice Teaching Institute (JTI) is a law related education program held annually and sponsored by the Fifth Judicial Circuit and the local County Bar Associations, and supported by the Florida Supreme Court, the Florida Bar, the Florida Law Related Education Association, Inc., and County Public Schools. Teachers experience sessions with judges and attorneys and participate in activities designed to enhance their understanding of judicial principles and ideals. Through their attendance, participants will be better equipped to help students understand the nature and importance of the judicial process.

For more information, please contact:
Kristina Devaney, Court Operations Manager
Marion County Judicial Center
(352) 401-6796