Differentiated Active Civil Case Management System (DACMS)

The Florida Supreme Court Issued Administrative Order AOSC20-23 amendment 10 on March 9, 2021 requiring the Chief Judge to implement a differentiated active case management system (DACMS) for most civil cases. For information on Civil Case Management and the Civil Case Backlog Docket click below.

Adult Felony Drug Court

The Sumter County Felony Drug Court Program is a court supervised intensive and highly structured program consisting of both comprehensive out-patient treatment and case management supervision for non-violent offenders.

Early Childhood Court (ECC)

The goal of Sumter County’s Early Childhood Court (ECC) is to improve child safety and well-being, heal trauma, and develop a stronger parent/child relationship. The ECC program works with families who have children between the ages of 0-5 who have been removed from their homes.

Mediation Services Program

Mediation affords the opportunity for parties to reach a mutually agree upon settlement of their legal dispute(s). In Mediation, the parties maintain control over the decision making process rather than relinquishing control to the Judge in a Court proceeding.

Misdemeanor Drug Court

The Sumter County Misdemeanor Drug Court Program is a court supervised, highly structured program under the leadership of Judge Militello.

Self-Help Services

Our circuit provides resources for self-represented parties in domestic relations cases. In all counties resources are available online or at the local clerk’s office.

Teen Court

The Teen Court concept is based on the philosophy that youthful offenders will not continue to offend when a jury of their peers punishes them.

Veterans Court

The Veterans Court model requires regular court appearances as well as mandatory attendance at treatment sessions and frequent and random testing for substance use (drug and/or alcohol).