General Magistrate
Barry A. Dimick
Program Associate: Suzy Howe
(352) 742-4173
Fax: (352) 742-4311

General Magistrate
Sarah J. Jones
Administrative Secretary: Laney Mikell
(352) 742-4139
Fax: (352) 742-4115

Beginning January 2022 short matter hearings will be held on the third Thursday of every month.  The hearings will be conducted via Zoom. They will be limited to non-evidentiary matters of 5 minutes or less.  Attorneys who wish to schedule a short matter motion shall contact Laney Mikell to obtain the zoom link. All hearings MUST be coordinated with opposing counsel.

Child Support Hearing Officer
Joni M. Emling
Administrative Secretary: Kari Myers
(352) 253-1611
Fax: (352) 253-1618


Answers to Petitions

Answer to Supplemental Petition

Answer to Petition to Determine Paternity and Other Relief- 12.983(b)

Answer to Supplemental Petition 12.903(e)

Waiver of Service and Answer

Motion to Deviate from Child Support guidelines 12.943


Supplemental Petition for Modification of Child Support 12.905(b)

Family Law Financial Affidavit 12.902(b) Short form if income less than 50K/year

(c) Regular if income over 50K

Child support guidelines worksheet- 12.902(e)

Summons 12.910 (a)

Waiver of Service and Answer

Other Motions

Motion for default 12.922(a) & Default 12.922(b)

Motion to Set Aside Default or Default Judgment 12.922 ©

Motion to Deviate from Child Support guidelines 12.943

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