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Registry - Approved Guardianship Examining Committee Members
Registry - Approved Developmental Disabilities Examiners

Please email an order appointing The Agency for Persons with Disabilities to: and they will appoint the expert(s).

General Information

In order to provide unified compensation in cases, where such experts are required and in order to establish uniformity throughout the Fifth Circuit regarding, such compensation for all due process costs, the Guardianship Examining Committee Members shall be compensated as outlined in Attachment “A” of Administrative Order Number A-2021-5.

The Guardianship Examining Committee Members are paid with State funds through the Office of the State Courts Administrator, only when the ward’s estate is indigent for costs.

All the members listed herein are the only approved providers may advise the court with an expert opinion and shall be appointed by the Court to perform such services as necessary.

Conflict of Interest:

An attending or family physician of the alleged incapacitated person (AIP) may not serve on the committee. Guardianship Examining Committee Members may not serve in any particular case if they are related to or associated with another member, the AIP, the petitioner, the proposed guardian or the attorney for the petitioner.

Likewise, a Guardianship Examining Committee Member may not serve in a case if employed by a private or government agency that has custody, or furnishes services or subsidies to the AIP or his family.

Every Guardianship Examining Committee Member must have an initial four hours of training within four months after the member’s first appointment; and two hours of continuing education every two years thereafter.

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Application - Guardianship Examining Committee Members

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