Sumter County Courthouse
215 E. McCollum Avenue, Room 120
Bushnell, FL 33513

Office: 352-569-6942
Fax: 352-401-6726

Kathy Glover, Drug Court Case Manager

The Sumter County Veterans Court program is a court supervised intensive and highly structured program, under the leadership of Judge Militello. The length of this IV-phase program is normally under 12 months in length.

The Sumter County Veterans Court is a special division of the Sumter County Court system. This Court supervised program for eligible Veterans in Sumter County who have a mental illness, substance abuse, or other mental health condition related to their military service, who need treatment and other services, and who choose to participate in the Veterans Court instead of having their case proceed through the regular court process.

The Mission of the Sumter County Veterans Court is to promote public safety while supporting eligible veterans and their families through a coordinated effort among veteran’s services, community services and the Court to leave no eligible veteran behind.