Administrative Orders are directives that are necessary to properly administer the court’s affairs but are not inconsistent with the Florida Constitution, the Florida Rules of Court, or with administrative orders entered by the Supreme Court of Florida.

Orders are grouped by their jurisdiction: circuit-wide and individual counties.

Please note that this website may not represent the current set of Administrative Orders and Local Rules for the circuit. For the current list of Orders and Rules, please contact the General Counsel’s Office, Tavares, Florida at 352-253-1603.


Administrative Order Establishing Procedures for Electronic Search and Arrest Warrants in Lake County and Rescinds, Supersedes, and Replaces L-2015-18.


Administrative Order for Cyber Crimes-Operation Welcome to Detention-August 24, 2022 through August 27, 2022.


Order Regarding Juror Utilization for 2023 in the Circuit and County Courts of Lake County.


In Re: Assignment of Senior Judges to Temporary Duty in Lake County and Rescinding, Superseding, and Replacing L-2022-16.


In Re: Introduction of Evidence Containing Hazardous Material, including High-Potency Narcotics.


RE: Pretrial Procedures for Certain Small Claims Cases where the Defendant has not been served.


In Re: Mandatory Use of Certification Checklists in Estate Administration in Lake County.