Judge Toner

Stephen E. Toner

Circuit Judge

Judicial Assistant: Amy Stephens
Email: astephens@circuit5.org
Office: 352-754-5802
Fax: 352-754-4245


All matters set for hearing in front of Judge Toner are held in person in Courtroom E. The Court does not allow for participatory appearances by telephone or by Zoom unless a specific reason exists. Any request to appear telephonically or by Zoom must be filed in the form of a written motion and a hearing must be held a minimum of fifteen days prior to date requesting to gain authorization by the Court.

*NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC:* The Code of Judicial Conduct governing behavior by judges forbids the Judges of the Fifth Judicial Circuit to discuss pending cases with the public. Please do not call the Court expecting to speak with a Judge about any case. The Court is only allowed to consider arguments made in the courtroom and in documents properly filed by actual parties in the case as authorized by law and the Rules of Court. The Court cannot ethically read or consider any other opinions or arguments about the case. Communications that do not meet these legal requirements cannot be forwarded to the Judges.